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Parks and Amenities


Manager Position / Job Description : Manager Parks and Amenities                   
Name of Manager : Mr Azola C Manjati
Contact number : 023 626 8200
E-mail address :  


Manager Position / Job Description : Assistant Manager Parks and Amenities     
Name of Manager : Michelle Hucklesby
Contact number : 023 626 8200
E-mail address :  


 Vision and Objectives of Department

  • The Department of Environmental Services endeavours to provide a sustainable, equitable, efficient, and cost-effective variety of services to all communities and businesses. These include: cleansing, parks and recreation, and environmental control.

Parks & Recreation

The following are performed as core functions:

  • Cleaning and beautification of open spaces
  • Management of Hiking trails and recreation (picnic) areas
  • Maintenance of sports grounds and public toilets;
  • Planting, pruning and mowing of trees, shrubs and grass;
  • Development and maintenance of play parks;
  • Maintenance of tools and equipment

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The cemetery unit develops and maintains cemetery facilities that promote dignity and respect to communities. New cemeteries aim to cater for special needs, while meeting landscape, infrastructural and environmental standards and objectives. Existing cemeteries will also be extended accordingly.

  • Managing and control of cemeteries;
  • Ensuring available space for burials within cemetery terrains;
  • Providing adequate graves;
  • Built-up graves;
  • Handling pauper funerals;
  • Managing application of tariffs;
  • Keeping cemetery record in place;
  • Upholding neatness
  • Responsible to ensure that all Langeberg sports facilities are fully utilised and well maintained to acceptable standards.
  • Initiate and facilitate Sport Development
  • Managing Sport Facility Maintenance 
  • Facilitating Sport Administration 
  • Initiating  Partnerships for Sports Management
  • Identifying and including Stakeholders in sports management
  • Initiating, developing and facilitating Programmes

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