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Housing Administration

Manager Position / Job Description :           Manager: Housing Administration                 vacant1
Name of Manager :            Ms MB Brown   
Contact number :

023 626 8200

E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage all applications for low cost housing subsidies.
  • Delegations to subordinates.
  • Writing of Housing Committee reports.
  • Handling of waiting lists
  • Handling all applications for transfer of houses.
  • Processing subsidy applications.
  • Facilitating Housing Consumer Education
  • Selling houses (rental stock) and processing applications for the Enhanced Extended Discount Benefit Scheme (EEDBS).
  • The department coordinates budget allocations by the Department of Local Government and Housing (DPLG & H).
  • Managing rental units.

Vision and Objectives of Department

  • This section focuses on addressing the need for adequate shelter across the municipal area and providing better quality living environments and affordable housing.
  • Provision of housing to the needy and assist applicants in their applications for housing subsidies
  • Make sure that the housing waiting list is updated and that correct details of applicants are registered
  • Make sure that the correct process and procedures are followed in the allocation of housing
  • Insure that the applications are in order before they are sent for approval to the Housing Department
  • Verify  correctness of information or details of applicants in all applications including transfers
  • Compile and sign deeds of sale for transfer of houses and make sure that transfer takes place speedily
  • That all RDP and Municipal houses are transferred in the names of the beneficiaries
  • That houses are allocated to the rightful persons on completion
  • To ensure that basic services are provided for in informal settlements

Projects - Current & Completed

  • Currently an estimated 7000 families are without proper housing and shelter. To address this backlog the municipality needs to deliver 1594 housing units per year over the next five years. However this figure will improve after the review of the waiting list.
  • During the 2009/10 financial year, 211 of the subsidised low cost RDP houses were built against the target of 320 and an additional 377 houses are under construction. This is remarkable improvement from 84 houses built during 2008/09.
  • The department the target of facilitating 170 subsidies applications.
  • Priorities 2009/10
  • Application for Subsidies and transfers in Nkqubela, Robertson North, Montagu and Zolani
  • Requested services for informal settlement in Bonneville and Mandela Square in Montagu
  • Projects 2009/10
  • Nkqubela 444
  • Robertson Infill 55
  • Igloo 28
  • Bonnievale 54
  • Zolani 173
  • Mandela Square 63
  • Future Plans: 2010/11
  • Ashton Infill (78)
  • Bonnievale (16) PLS
  • Zolani Driehoek (19) PLS
  • McGregor (330) PLS (Mill Street)
  • Bonnievale (550) PLS
  • Ashton (161) PLS
  • Montagu “Steenoonde” (160) PLS
  • Robertson “Muiskraal Kop” (129) PLS