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Customer Care

Position / Job Description : Customer Care Officer


Name : Lucrecia Marthinus
Contact number :  0860 88 11 11
E-mail address :

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Rendering  of call centre and customer care service

Our Vision

In order to achieve the Municipality’s vision statement “Together we strive for a unified, prosperous community where people are at the centre of development” we have developed structures to ensure that in dealing with customers we demonstrate our value system based upon the National Batho Pele principles which has been translated as “People First” and emphasises the values of “Customer First”.

Our Aim

Our aim is to improve on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction within our municipality by placing all people at the centre of development.  Whenever customers have contact with us they will consistently experience standards of service excellence.  In this way we want to display our commitment to the principle of People First and ensure that service excellence is an integral part of the planning and delivery of all municipal services to its people.


Our Value System

In order to achieve customer service excellence, our value system is based upon the eight Batho Pele Principles which brings services closer to the people and aims to serve.  The name Batho Pele means “People First” and the eight principles set out in it are the foundation of our Government’s approach to guide all interaction between Government institutions and the public. The eigh Batho Pele Principles includes:

• Consultation 
The public should be consulted about the level and quality of public services they receive and, where possible, should be given a choice about the service offered.

• Service Standards
The public should be informed what level and quality of public service they will receive, so that they are aware of what they can expect.

• Courtesy
The public should always be treated with courtesy and consideration.

• Access
All members of the public should have equal access to services they are entitled to.

• Information
The public should have accurate information about the services they are entitled to receive.

• Openness and Transparency
The public should be told how administrations are run, how much they cost and who is in charge.

• Redress
If the promised service is not delivered, the public should be offered an apology, a full explanation, and a speedy and effective remedy, and when complaints are made, the public should receive a sympathetic and positive response.

• Value for money
Public services should be provided economically and efficiently in order to give citizens the best possible value for money.
Batho Pele Principles

We have adopted a set of values that are informed by the Batho Pele (People First) Principles which is an initiative to get public servants to be service orientated, to strive for excellence in service delivery and to commit themselves to continuous service delivery improvements in their various departments.  It is a simple and transparent mechanism, which allows citizens to hold public servants accountable for the level of services they deliver.

As an integral part of an ongoing revitalisation of the campaign to inculcate the Batho Pele culture among the public servants, our municipality appointed their own Batho Pele co-ordinator. The incumbent is responsible for the cascading of Batho Pele Principles to all staff members at all levels within the Municipality.  All newly appointed officials of the municipality are inducted on the Batho Pele Principles.  The municipality also compiled its own Batho Pele Strategic Plan.

Our aim is therefore to build a greater sense of morale and pride in public servants endeavors.  The objectives and roles of the Batho Pele Co-ordinator is therefore to:

- Deepen the understanding of Batho Pele as a service delivery tool.
- Change the culture/attitudes/behaviour patterns of public servants.
- Promote the Batho Pele Belief Set.
- Ensure that the Batho Pele Belief Set and Principles are rolled out.
- Motivate officials (especially the customer care officials) to go beyond the call of duty.
- Promote the slogan dubbed: “Together beating the drum for service delivery”.

The Batho Pele Principles is all about giving good customer services to the end-users of goverment services.  All public servants are therefore required to practise the Batho Pele Principles throughout their various day-to-day functioning.  Excellent service delivery will therefore leads to happier customers and employee satisfaction.

As an organization, Langeberg Municipality will remind our staff that there must be a commitment to the following values that will guide our interactions with customers. These Values will be the cornerstone of our customer focused approach.

• Courtesy and Respect
• Good Customer Care
• Service Excellence
• Integrity and Professionalism
• Mutual trust and Understanding


Client Service Charter

As a progressive, developmental and service delivery focused municipality, we established our very own Client Service Charter as a commitment to excellent service delivery.  The development of this Charter was augmented by the establishment of our 24 Hour high-tech Emergency and Customer Call Centre.
The charter is binding on all employees and councillors associated with the municipality.

What can you expect from us?

We commit ourselves to values of dedication and commitment, service excellence, respect for human dignity, integrity, efficiency, effectiveness and accountability, and therefore the customer care department strives to competency in order to:

• Be friendly, enthusiastic and helpful to all clients.
• Listen and promptly respond to comments, suggestions and complaints.
• Be attentive and sensitive to individual needs and requirements.
• Provide information and explanations so decisions can be easily understood.
• Take responsibility and accept accountability for our decisions and actions.
• Serve all clients as equal irrespective of race, gender, colour, language, etc.
• Be honest and transparent.
• Employ competent staff to provide the best possible service.

We ask you

We believe that quality services can only be achieved in partnership with our community. You can therefore help us by:
- Treating our staff with courtesy
- Taking good care of our facilities, materials, properties and equipment
- Observing our rules and policies
- Giving us constructive feedback.

Your feedback both good and bad is essential to enable us to maintain our levels of service


Our Background

Local Government, as with other Government service institutions are normally the target of remarks regarding inefficiency and the lack of will to serve customers effectively.  However, the Langeberg Municipality has reached a point where the consumer has becomes a customer with customer needs and expectations to be satisfied.  On 7 January 2008 the Municipality extended its service by combining the emergency number with the Municipality’s Customer Care Service. 

So for the first time ever, the Langeberg Municipality established a new 24 hour Emergency and Customer Call Centre.  The municipality now has a fully functional and effective 24 hour, seven days a week, call answering facility in case of emergencies and to respond to customer queries regarding municipal services across the entire Langeberg Municipal area. 

The Call Centre has now been in operation for more than two years with four permanent Call Centre Operators operating on a 24-hour shift system.  To make the client services function more user-friendly, the centre deals with general enquiries and complaints, essentially after-hours, which fall between 16h30 and 08h00, on public holidays and over weekends.  The functioning of the Call Centre is gaining momentum as a result of marketing and very good feedback from the public.  We are still making a great contribution to community liaison in building a good image and to ensure client satisfaction within the Municipality of Langeberg.

The 24 hour Call Centre number 0860 88 11 11 is now permanently printed on our monthly municipal accounts.  By phoning this number, it will connect the client to a trained operator who will alert the emergency services or assists with a query or complaint. In the event of fire or any other emergency, including motor vehicle accidents, the call centre operator will be able to immediately assist the client by alerting the fire department and/or any other services required.

When receiving complaints or general enquiries, the operator electronically logs the caller’s details as well as the nature of the query or complaint on the municipal computer system. The relevant department is then informed immediately.  Members of the public can request a customer complaint number to be able to follow up on the progress of a specific complaint.   This is just another initiative of the Municipality to serve and assist the community.


Customer Contact and complaints procedures

According to the strategic objective within the IDP: “To strengthen public confidence through effective stakeholder management”, it is important for us to know whether the end-users of municipal services were overall satisfied with the services they received.

Your comments and observations are always welcome and we strongly encourage you to tell us what we need to do to improve our service.  If you, for any reason, would think that we have not kept our promise, we really want to know about it.  Please advise our staff at your nearest municipal office or any other public customer care point of any problem you may experience or are aware of.

By reporting poor customer services you will assist us on improving our standards of service delivery.

The customer contact procedure will help customers to comment on its service and will include the following:
- Asking questions about a service or facility
- Making comments or suggestions on a service or facility
- Passing compliments on a service or facility
- Making complaints about a service or facility.

The customer care department conducted ongoing monthly surveys from which it draws a list of the top ten complaints per department, ward and town.  Based on the identification of the top ten complaints per month, it provides an indication where problems occur in the different departments of the Municipality.  An analysis of complaints per month is sent to the relevant managers of departments.

The analysis of complaints per month is also forwarded to the Ward Committee Co-ordinator and the information provided assists ward committees during their respective ward based planning processes and relevant ward committee activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

This Customer Care section is responsible for managing and co-ordinating the 24 hour Emergency and Customer Call Centre within the Langeberg Municipality. We are also responsible for the rendering of a 24/7 hour enquiry and complaints management service to the community of Langeberg Municipality in terms of an information helpdesk through the Customer Care and Complaints Management System. 

The functions of the Customer Care Officer included the following:

• Responsible for the 24 hr Call Centre and its functioning
• The undertaking of Client Enquiries (Customer Care) and customer care section and management of the Customer Management Program
• Complaints Management
• Customer Satisfaction Surveys
• The role out and managing of the Batho Pele program


Helpdesk procedures (Helpful hints & tips)

Often our call centre staff is asked questions about the helpdesk procedure.  To clarify this we have put together a quick procedure guide:

• Logging a call
When logging a call with our call centre it is very important to provide as much information as possible to the call centre operator.  This person will request some basic information such as your name, address and contact number details as well as some high level information about the nature of the problem.  The operator will then issue you with a call log reference number.  It is important to take note of this number and to quote it in all correspondence or telephone discussions relating to that particular request as it provides call traceability for both parties.

• Call Categorization
The base information collected by the operator will give her more insight into the nature of your call.  We categorise all calls logged via the Customer Care Management (CCM) system based per ward, complaint code and town.  Once the operator has categorized the call, she will be able to direct your request to the department/directorate concerned.

• Call Response Times
Depending on the nature of a call such as fires, vehicle accidents and all other emergency calls immediate call responses are applicable.  The response and resolution times for normal operational faults range from 8 to 24 hours depending on the severity and impact of the maintenance requests.

• Enquiries
Feel free to contact Lucrecia Esau, Customer Care Officer on 0860 88 11 11 or alternatively on 023-615 2219 for any other queries or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..