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Administrative Support

Manager Position / Job Description : Manager Administrative Support     alt
Name of Manager : Mrs. S. Kotzé
Contact number : 023 615 8019
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Duties & Responsibilities

Functions and key areas

  • Management of the Municipalities property portfolio
  • Acquisition and alienation, leasing of Municipal Property
  • Maintenance of Municipal Property
  • General Property Administration
  • To effectively administer Council and Committee Meetings / Resolutions
  • Management of official records
  • Management of telephone system 


  • Note:  The property does not include low cost / RDP housing

Vision and Objectives of Department

  • To ensure that Council`s property portfolio be managed and  administered in an effective and efficient manner
  • To ensure that the lease registers are maintained
  • To ensure that record is kept of all the erven that are alienated
  • To ensure that all requests for the leasing and/or alienation of municipal property are being dealt with within reasonable timeframes and in accordance with policy and procedure
  • To ensure that all municipal buildings are maintained within available budget
  • To ensure that the municipal offices and two halls within municipal offices are properly maintained and leased out in terms of the policy applicable thereto
  • To manage official records to comply with legislation
  • To render effective administration support to Council committees

Projects - Current & Completed

  • The Department manages approximately 59 lease agreements
  • The Department disposes of property no longer required by the municipality, through competitive public tendering processes. 114 Reports were submitted to the Mayoral Committee and Council regarding the alienation and/or leasing of Municipal properties. 21 Contracts of sale were signed for the alienation of erven.
  • The department was responsible for the building of new and fully functional municipal offices and a civic centre at McGregor. The project was completed during May 2010. The official grand opening was on 12 June 2010.