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Solid Waste Management

Manager Position / Job Description : Manager Solid Waste Management glen slingers
Name of Manager : Mr. G Slingers
Contact number : 023 616 8000
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duties & Responsibilities

• Overseeing waste management schemes, such as at landfill sites.• Supervising the transportation of waste to ensure that it takes place efficiently without contaminating air, land or water sources. • Assisting with the development, promotion and implementation of new waste disposal schemes. • Ensuring compliance with current legislation in the transportation, handling and disposal of waste. • Formulating and controlling the budget for Solid waste department. • Collating statistics and compiling reports often to strict deadlines.• Monitoring the quality and performance of waste services, including contract management of external providers.• Assisting with the development of information and promotional materials.• Aiming to meet waste reduction and recycling targets. • Dealing with enquiries and complaints from members of the public both in person and by phone or email.• Investigating and following up claims of the illegal dumping of waste and working with other waste regulation enforcement staff.• Consulting with residents, community groups, councillors, housing associations and traders' associations about waste management issues, identifying their requirements and providing appropriate solutions. • Developing research projects and contributing to the activities of national groups concerned with waste management. 

Vision and Objectives of Department

  • The Department of Solid Waste endeavours to provide a sustainable, equitable, efficient, and cost effective variety of services to all communities and businesses in the Langeberg area. Provision of basic services includes cleaning, collection and waste disposal.
  • To provide a safe, robust, and secure system for the management of waste generated in its administrative area.
  • In terms of Schedule 5B of the Constitution of South Africa (Act 108 of 1996), waste management is a local government competence that must be executed to protect human and environmental health (Constitution, S.24). The statutory obligation of local government is framed by the Local Government Municipal Systems Act (Act No. 32 of 2000), or MSA.

Solid Waste Management

The following are performed as core functions:

  • Organize and manage waste disposal, collection and recycling facilities.
  • Responsible for waste treatment and street cleaning operations.
  • Dispose of waste safely, with due consideration for the environment and whilst conforming to government regulations.
  • Meet targets for waste reduction and recycling which aims to reduce landfill waste.
  • Manage air pollution and responsible for pest control in the Langeberg area.



alt Waste Collection

A two bag system is implemented. Collection of clear recycable item bags and black bags or 240 litre mobile bin

from the kerbsides of residential areas and kerbside collection from commercial & industrial areas.





altStreet Sweeping

The Municipal staff sweep up and clean streets in selected residential areas, CBD.

Street sweepers also empty pole bins and other public litter bins.





altManaging of transfer stations                 

Transfer stations in Robertson, McGregor and Montagu.







altMaterial Recovery Facility

Separation at Source collected separately in clear bags. Material Recovery Facility at Ashton Landfill site.







altManage Recycling Centre

Langeberg Municipality ensure that the collected waste is reduced at a Material Recovery Facility (MRF) where recyclable materials are recovered from the collected wastes so that only material of no value is forwarded for landfilling.





alt Composting

Composting of garden waste at a centralised Plant Chipping of Green waste at the Robertson Compost Facility







alt Waste Disposal at the Ashton Landfill site

Haulage of waste by road in 30m³ containers from transfer stations to Ashton landfill site.





 altAwareness Programmes

 Langeberg Municipality develop a public awareness and education campaign, putting special emphasis on waste avoidance and reduction at source.