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Town Planning

Manager Position / Job Description : Manager Town Planning      alt
Name of Manager : Mr J.V. Brand
Contact number : 082 820 4035
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Spatial Planning    
  • Land Use Management    
  • Building Control
  • Integrated Spatial Information System
  • Marketing and Liaison

Vision and Objectives of Department

  • The focus areas of Town Planning are:
  1. Spatial planning (Advance Planning)
  2. Land use management (Development Control)
  3. Building control
  4. Marketing and liaison
  5. Integrated spatial information system (Geographic Information System)
  • The mission of the Town Planning Department is to effectively manage urbanisation in a considered manner, and to maintain a balance between conservation and development in order to create a pleasant living environment, and to promote the general well-being of the community.
  • The Town Planning Department plays a crucial role in ensuring that the development of Langeberg Municipality enriches the lives of all citizens, while strengthening the local economy and promoting integration amongst the communities.




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Projects - Current & Completed

The final draft document was submitted to the Department of Environment and Development Planning in August 2010 for evaluation. During a follow up workshop with Council, BKS and DEA &DP, the latter emphasized that the proposed Urban Edges, need to be in line with the Provincial Spatial Development Framework. Some of Council’s proposed urban edges for Robertson, McGregor, Ashton and Bonnievale need to be more fully motivated. This issue is currently being addressed by both parties and the final document will be tabled soon.

The Langeberg Municipality has in terms of Section 9 of the Land Use Planning Ordinance , 15 van 1985,     embarked on a process to combine the different zoning schemes within the municipality area into one zoning     scheme and compile and updated zoning map in accordance with the Integrated Zoning Scheme. This Integrated     Zoning Scheme will replace the existing Section 7 and 8 zoning schemes currently applicable within the     boundaries of the municipal area.

Land use applications (rezonings, consent uses and departures) finalized by the municipality since 1 July 2009 indicate an emphasis on tourism related development across the municipal area. The bulk of these applications were from the rural area, where applications approved during this period accounted for about 50 new guest accommodation opportunities, mostly guest cottages, with a further 50 currently under evaluation. Rezoning applications for small resort developments in the rural area that are under consideration consist of about 80 accommodation units. In addition, a number of applications for restaurants (12), farm stalls (2) conference facilities (1), function venues (5) and wine tasting facilities (5) have been approved or is being evaluated.
The applications from urban areas also consisted mainly of tourist accommodation (guest houses and resort development), totalling approximately 75 rooms. Another significant trend observed from the land use applications, is the increase in house shops (mobiles) and other home enterprises, mainly in the lower income neighbourhoods.

Applications approved for industrial development were limited to the rural areas, consisting mainly of rezonings to agricultural industries such as wine cellars (3), fruit processing facilities (5) and small abattoirs (2).
Very few applications were received for subdivisions in the 5 towns, apart from the establishment of townships related to the housing projects in the various towns.

The applications for subdivision in the rural area was characterized by proposals to reconfigure agricultural units (through subdivision and consolidation) rather that creating more, smaller land units.