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Budget Office

Manager Position / Job Description : Manager Budget Office


Name of Manager : Mev AJ Swarts
Contact number : 023 615 8000                        
E-mail address :  

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage personnel in the budget office.
  • Responsible for efficient and effective budget office administration.
  • Manage the annual adjustment budget.
  • Compiling of the budget and application of budget control.
  • Compiling of the income and expenditure cash flow for the service delivery and budget implementation plan.
  • Reporting to National and Provincial Treasury.
  • Compiling of annual financial statements according to GRAP standards.
  • Capacity building regarding the budget and finance of other departments.
  • Manage municipal assets and insurance management.
  • Manage municipal stores
Manager Position / Job Description :                                   Accountant: Financial Statements                


Name of Manager : Vacant
Contact number : 023 615 8000
E-mail address :