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Credit Control

Position / Job Description : Controller Credit Control vacant 
Name : Mr KC Smith
Contact number : 023 615 8000
E-mail address :  

Duties & Responsibilities


  • Outstanding amounts on accounts
  • Agreements on outstanding amounts
  • Supervise Credit Control personnel with regard to customer queries.


  • Collection rate
  • Age analysis
  • Number of notices send out and figures for cut-offs and reconnection of services
  • Draft report to Municipal Manager in connection with outstanding accounts of employees and Councillors
  • Reconciliation of Age Analysis with GL Balances
  • Government Outstanding Accounts

Daily tasks -  Credit Control:

  • Ensure implementation of credit control policy and correct interpretation of the policy.
  • Ensure consistent application of credit control procedures to clients with outstanding amounts on their accounts.
  • Notify personnel, by written memo’s, of decisions taken on meetings or by Council
  • Regular visits to credit control personnel to assure the correct interpretation of the Credit Control- and Indigent Policies as well as other problems they may have.
  • Receive and Process indigent applications. Implement Indigent subsidies and keep a register and ensuring it is updated

Handle Attorney handovers

  • Handle all accounts handed over to the attorneys and ensure monthly reporting is received from attorneys.