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Land Reform


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Land Reform is a National Government function, however, the Langeberg Municipality facilitates the process between the Department and the beneficiaries.
  • Attending all meetings arranged

Vision and Objectives of Department

  • Monthly District Assessment Committee and Project Management Team meetings are attended on a monthly basis to facilitate and regulate the land reform processes.

Projects - Current & Completed

A number of land reform projects have been implemented in the Municipal area, for example; De Goree (138.25ha), Constitution Road (115.0ha), Yeyethu (82.54ha), Ashton Small Scale Farmers(1086.0ha), Bonnita (5ha), De Rust (0.268ha), Gelukshoop Boerdery (23.0ha), Na-die-Oes (62.7899ha), Robertson Small Scale Farmers(81.2ha), Robdevco (147.3638ha), Goudmyn (133.3628ha), Ashbury/Montagu Farm Workers (7.0ha), Cupido Family (0.034ha) and Bonnievale Workers Empowerment Trust (62.6335ha). There are also a number of projects in the planning phase.

The Langeberg Municipality has also made a number of portions of Municipal land available for the keeping of livestock and other agricultural activities; Skilpadshoogte (6.0ha), Montagu Paglande (7.0ha), Bonnievale Paglande (8.821ha), Robertson (143.094ha), Ashton(35.0ha). Vegetable gardens are also supported by way of providing seed, compost, insecticides and fertilisers. Lairages in Zolani and Nkqubela have been erected specifically for the keep of livestock.