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Tourism Clerk


A. Wantza

Position / Job Description : Tourism Clerk alt 
Name :  A. Wantza
Contact number : 023 626 8201
E-mail address : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Duties & Responsibilities

 Render the tourism function in the Langeberg area; Gathering and processing of tourism statistics; Liaise with Local tourism and other tourism role-players; Marketing of the Langeberg area as a preferred tourist destination by arranging media educational tours and tour operator information sessions; Design, printing and distribution of marketing material; Attendance of Indabas, Expo’s and Festivals to market the Langeberg area; Arrange training programmes for persons employed in the tourism sector and execute schools tourism awareness programmes; Product development in the previously disadvantaged areas; Doing of general administration; Attending all tourism related meetings; Assist with the maintaining of a comprehensive data base of product owners; Assist with the updating and maintaining of the tourism information on Municipal website



Vision and Objectives of Department

Tourism in the Langeberg Municipal area is co-ordinated and managed by the Municipality, however, the two tourism offices, namely, Robertson and Montagu, at the main entrances to the area, are financially supported on an annual basis.

Tourism is considered as a growth sector and has significant growth potential especially in the wine, food, health and wellness, agri-tourism, eco-tourism and adventure tourism industries. It is for this reason that a medium to long term tourism marketing strategy is being compiled to guide all role-players and to achieve the maximum from and for this sector.


The marketing strategy is based on the six (6) objectives set by National Government, namely;

  • To grow the Tourism sector’s absolute contribution to the GDP by more than average GDP growth.
  • To achieve transformation within the tourism sector.
  • To promote excellent people development and decent work within the tourism sector.
  • To enhance a culture of travel amongst South Africans.
  • To deliver a world class visitor experience.
  • To address the issues of geographic, seasonal and rural spread.    


“You can make a living or design a life”

The Langeberg region represents a lifestyle the visitor envies. It is all about slowing down enough to experience the essence of life through all your senses


Mother nature’s contribution

  • Mountains (of the highest in South Africa)
  • Water (Breede River- largest in the WC)
  • Sun (all year round)
  • Plant life (from Roses to Succulents and everything in between)
  • Agricultural Variety (Vineyards, Fruit and more..)
  • 4 Distinctly beautiful seasons

Mother Nature blessed us – we’re always ready to share our blessings that brings us to…. The PEOPLE

  • Always Friendly
  • Always Welcoming
  • Creators of a unique Lifestyle
  • Diverse yet “local is lekker” culture
  • Guarding the peace and tranquility
  • Urge you to Slow down
  • Make visitors linger longer

The safety of the region gives that exclusive edge
What to do…. Once you find this ‘secret’ place nestled in the mountains

  • Let the environment awaken your senses
  • Smell and Slow down
  • The roses and raindrops on sun-baked soil
  • Taste the abundant fruit, wine and culinary delights
  • See the seasons change and the beauty of nature in harmony or just stare at a Karoo- night sky
  • Feel the cold rock under your fingers, the sun on your back and city stress leaving your body
  • Hear the sounds of silence, birdsong from an undisturbed bird life or the friendly chatter on a farmers market

Drink in all the unique experiences through all your senses and return home revived and refreshed.
Steeped in History, but not at all boring

  • Architectural heritage
  • Glamorous Art Deco buildings
  • Marvellous museums
  • Medicinal herb heritage
  • A history of making brandy, wine and muskadel
  • Fossil collections
  • Unique Archeological heritage
  • The “magic” of Mountains and the stories they can tell

The 5 “essensuals” of the Langeberg is all that and more…..

  • Authentic
  • True to a local lifestyle
  • Eco aware with a focus on sustainable lifestyles, agriculture and energy
  • Lots of stories to tell – indicating the provenance of their offerings
  • A personal/human touch in everything (a friend you can associate with)

The Langeberg is the perfect example of such a space…..

  • Wide offering of activities
  • Proximity to other “areas” and experiences
  • Unique lifestyle experiences such as Agri Tourism
  • Diverse cultural experiences
  • Diverse nature

This can all be enjoyed and taken in, just 170km or 1½hrs from Cape Town on the R60. This will take you through the “magical” Langeberg and you would find that you cannot resist staying… and lingering a bit longer…..

Tourism Links (click here)

Projects - Current & Completed

  • Funding of Tourism Kiosks: Montagu and Robertson. The Municipality funded the Robertson and Montagu offices by R120 000 each per year to assist with the operational expenses.
  • Bookshelves: solid oak bookshelves were designed, made and placed at the following points:
  • Ashton:         
  1. Montagna Deli at La Montanara Cheese Estate
  2. Happy Hog Butchery at Fountain Valley Farm
  • Robertson:    
  1. Spar
  2. Strictly Coffee
  • Bonnievale:   
  1. Rigg’s Restaurant at Mooivallei Cheese Factory
  2. Into Africa Restaurant
  • Montagu:
  1. Montagu Dried Fruit
  2. Montagu Tourism Office
  • McGegor:
  1. McGregor Tourism Office
  • The purpose of these bookshelves was another way of effectively marketing the entire municipal area. Businesses are encouraged to place their marketing material, free of charge, on these shelves in order for visitors to peruse the information while, for example, having a cup of coffee.
  • Assisted with Wacky Wine Weekend: The Municipality, in partnership with the Robertson Winter Market, provided 20 stalls at an upmarket arts and crafts market from the 1st to the 6th June 2010. Unfortunately, this was not attended very well by the previously disadvantaged communities mainly as a result of the quality of products. Arts and crafts development is therefore essential. Ten community choirs, bands performers participated which was enjoyed by all spectators. These performers were given a stipend for their performances by the Municipality.
  • Bonnievale Bonanza: The Bonnievale Bonanza was given a donation of R30 000 to assist with the event.