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 Level 1 Water restrictions banner


Level one water restrictions will be implemented from your next meter reading and billing cycle which will take effect after 01 April 2018.


In light of adequate summer rainfall experienced in the Langeberg region, together with a decreasing irrigation demand (as less water is being released from the Brandvlei Dam), the situation for each town has been reassessed.


The storage dams in all five towns that were at about 50% in January, has now reached its full capacity (100%).


The reduction in water demand has prolonged our supply from the Brandvlei Dam until 24 May 2018, after which the last 7 million m3 water will be extracted for strict drinking water purposes.


An assessment done by the Langeberg Engineering Department and Central Breede River Water Users Association (CBRWUA), indicates that the storage dams within Langeberg have enough water till the end of October 2018, even if no rainfall is experienced.


A report from the CBRWUA indicated that with predicted rainfall and the affective management of our water sources, Day Zero for Langeberg Municipality, will not arrive in 2018.


Based on this assessment, the Mayoral Committee requested that its water restrictions be adjusted from level two to level one.


Isak van der Westhuizen, Director: Engineering Services at Langeberg Municipality, mentioned that whilst this is good news, “we must remember that we are still facing the worst drought of the century and that the Brandvlei Dam remains at critical levels of about 10%. Saving water should remain a priority in all households and businesses.


“As we are all aware, we are not out of the woods yet. The situation could drastically change at any time, leading to another revision of the current water restrictive measures,” concluded Van der Westhuizen.


Based on these criteria level 1 water restrictions will be imposed as from 01 April 2018.


The targeted water consumption for level 1 water restrictions is 90% (saving 10%) of normal consumption for residential and business use. Water consumption of all users will be monitored monthly and stricter water restrictions will be imposed if the targeted consumption is not achieved.


The restrictive measures of Level 1 water restrictions are as follow:


A fine in terms of Section 75 A of the Systems Act, being a 50% penalty on tariffs for monthly consumption in excess of 30 kilolitres per month per household connection, excluding indigent households.

  • Watering of gardens may only be done for two hours per day between 18H00 – 20H00, twice per week.
  • At sport fields only watering of cricket pitches, golf course greens and bowling greens is permitted for two hours per day, twice per week, unless own source of water is used.
  • No hosing of roofs and driveways. And no washing of vehicles with a garden hose will be permitted. (This is not applicable to any bona fide and full-time commercial enterprises whose business it is to wash cars.)
  • All contraventions must be reported to the call centre and followed-up immediately by law enforcement.
  • Any person who contravenes these restrictions is guilty of an offence and is, upon conviction, liable to a fine as published in the annual tariffs list.


The 2017/18 water tariffs (VAT exclusive) for residential users are as indicated in the table below with the tariffs that will be applicable for the different levels of water restrictions:


Consumption per month (kl.)

Normal Tariffs

Level 1 Water Restrictions Tariffs

Level 2 Water Restrictions Tariffs

Level 3 Water Restrictions Tariffs

0 – 6

R 2.30

R 2.30

R 2.30

R 2.30

6 – 15

R 5.40

R 5.40

R 5.40

R 16.20

15 – 30

R 5.64

R 5.64

R 11.28

R 16.92

30 – 40

R 5.90

R 8.85

R 11.80

R 17.70

40 – 60

R 7.55

R 11.33

R 15.10

R 22.65

More than 60

R 7.88

R 11.82

R 15.76

R 23.64


For special exemption from the current water restrictions, see the application from here.