ESKOM Load Shedding Schedule for Langeberg Municipality 2015

This is the updated information received from Eskom as of July 2015, we will keep this schedule updated as information is received from Eskom.


During Load Shedding there is a possibility that the electricity could go off during the times shown on this schedule.


CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD:  Eskom Load Shedding Schedule Effective from July 2015



It is vital for people to be aware that the Municipality strictly depends on Eskom for the supply of electricity.

Eskom and Langeberg Municipality urges residents and businesses to use electricity sparingly by switching of non-essential appliances, geysers and pool pumps. During the summer months electricity supply constraints exist during the day as there is no “evening peak”, people must please save electricity during the day as well.


Residents can view the load shedding schedule or contact the Municipality 0860 88 1111. Eskom will give regular updates of the power systems through the media. Langeberg Municipality will also provide information via its website and social networks.  


The Municipality regrets the inconvenience caused.