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Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2022 10:00 pm - Wednesday, October 26, 2022 12:00 am
Categories: Council Meeting

The Langeberg Municipal Council have the executive and legislative authority to make decisions and create laws and policies.

Residents elect political representatives of their local council to serve a 5 year term. The political party seats in council are given according to the percentage of votes that they received in the area as a whole.

Following the local government elections that took place on the 1 November 2021, the Langeberg Municipality has been structured with the embodiment of a Council as follows:

The Municipality is led by an Executive Mayor, ALD SW van Eeden. The Executive Mayor of the Langeberg takes overall strategic and political responsibility for the city.

Van Eeden has been a member of the Langeberg Municipal Council since 2000, when the municipalities amalgamated. His extensive career in politics includes such highlights as serving in the Langeberg and Cape Winelands District municipalities simultaneously (2006-2011), being elected Mayco Member responsible for Infrastructure (2011-2016) and being elected Speaker of the council (2016-2020).

There are 23 councillors with 12 being ward councillors and 11 being proportional representation councillors. The Democratic Alliance (DA) has the majority seats of 10 councillors. The ANC has 6 seats. Another 5 parties also have elected representatives on the council (one GOOD member, one PDM member, one LIP member, one PA member and three F Plus members).

Click here to view the Mayoral Committee 2016 - 2021


Ward Councillor

Each municipality is broken into wards, and the residents in each ward are represented by a ward councillor.

As a mechanism for proper representation and participation from our communities, Langeberg Municipality has 12 elected local Ward Committee Councillors, each responsible to represent the needs of their ward in Council Meetings. Ward councillors are the major link between the municipal government and the residents.

Executive Mayoral Committee

The Executive Mayor may appoint a Mayoral Committee that will assist in making decisions, proposals and plans that have to be approved by council.