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Financial Statements

Director Position / Job Description : Accountant Financial Statements vacant
Name of Director : A. Stynder
Contact number : 023 615 8000
E-mail address

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Duties & Responsibilities

  • Recognition of Grant revenue (DORB and Provincial Gazette allocations)
  • Compilation of in-year reports as required by the MFMA and in terms of the MBRR:
    • Monthly budget statements (Section 71)
    • Quarterly report (Section 52(d))
    • Mid-year budget and performance assessment (Section 72)

  • Compilation of Schedules A, B and C with supporting documentation in terms of the MBRR
  • Compilation of Appendix B return forms:
    •  Monthly
    • Annual Budget
    • Revised Budget
    • Pre-audited
    • Audited
  • Compilation of Annual- and Adjustments budget with supporting documentation
  • Compilation of Annual Financial Statements and Audit file
  • Provide support with regards to any budget or financial statements related queries

Objectives of Directorate

  • To compile & submit budget- and financial reports as prescribed by the Municipal Finance Management Act, 2003 and Municipal Budget and Reporting Regulations (Government Gazette 32141, issued 17 April 2009) to council and relevant government bodies
  • To compile and submit Annual Financial Statements in accordance with the GRAP standards approved by the Accounting Standards Board
  • To build capacity within the budget and financial statements section of the municipality
  • To provide assistance to various sections within the municipality, regarding budgeted and actual financial information

Vision of Directorate

Ensuring transparency and accountability of the budget and annual financial statement process to allow for informed decision making by the various stakeholders (community, executive authority & administration of municipality).