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Local Economic Development would like to encourage businesses in the Langeberg area to apply for BEE certificate. A company requires a BEE certificate to prove their level of BBE status. The certificate includes company turnover, the level of black ownership and overall BEE status. Once a business receives its final rating certificate the rating agency will inform the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the new B-BBEE Procumbent Recognition level. The BEE empowered mark and logo will be available for your business for use on stationery or other company materials to demonstrate your B-BBEE status. Furthermore BEE status can be a marketing tool as your company will be listed on the website’s BEE directory and will be available to all those searching for BEE compliant suppliers.

 The applications are processed by the BEE Rating Agency and not by the Municipality; applicants need to note that the Agency works on a first come first serve basis. Businesses need to ensure that all supporting documents are submitted with the application form completed correctly, and then the turnaround time of receiving feedback could be five working days.

The cost of the application is R250 payable into the account of BEE Empowered as stipulated on the last page of the application form. The Provincial Government is subsidising the cost to obtain this certificate hence the companies will only pay R250 as this cost normally ranges to about R1000.

Supporting documents to be submitted with application form:

  1. Certified copy of Identity Document (ID)
  2. Company Registration Documents
  3. Share Certificate in Private Company (Pty Ltd) for example
  4. Original Tax Clearance Certificate
  5. Proof of Turnover Less than R5 :
  •        12 Months Bank Statement if currently doing business or
  •       Affidavit at the Police Station (If start - up or not currently doing business) (You can state that you are a start-up business or that you have not traded/got business for the past year/more and therefore your turnover is less that R5 million)

6. Proof of payment

Click here to download forms....

pdf BEE certificate application form

pdf BEE - share certificate

pdf BEE- Share certificate example