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On the 2nd February Langeberg and Ashton Foods ventured out to distribute over 1000 health and sanitary hampers to female learners with in the Ashton region. 

With the local Langeberg Municipality, they have worked together to search for methods to alleviate absenteeism of female learners from the schools within the region, predominantly due to lack of sanitary products.


LA&F embarked on procuring items to create a sanitary hamper for the female students at high schools with in local community, containing:  Sanitary pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, facecloth and a bar of soap.  


With the assistance of staff and support from the community, LA&F attained 1005 items of each and worked through January to ensure each female learner will have a sanitary hamper for their first schooling term. By seeing to the students’ health and sanitary needs, they hope to improve their secondary education careers allowing them to focus on their year ahead.


Schools targeted in the area were Ashton Secondary School, Ashton Combined Public School, Prospect Farm School, and Klaasvoogds Farm School, reaching over 1000 female students ranging from grade 7 to grade 12.


The health and sanitary hampers were received with great gratitude and appreciation for the company’s initiative. L&AF will endeavour to continually serve and show compassion to those around them, by making a conscious effort in making a difference in their community




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