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Information sessions during the month of September 2016 will start the process to elect new ward committee members.


There are 12 wards in the Langeberg area. Each ward will have a committee consisting of a maximum of 10 members.

A ward committee member is a non-political person who plays an important role within the community.  His/Her purpose is to serve as a bridge between you and the Municipality. This person works closely with the ward councillor to identify issues and concerns in your ward.

A ward committee member strengthens community participation by making sure that you, the community member, is informed about municipal matters. And that you have your say in the planning, projects and decision-making which the council or municipality undertakes.

This person can be anyone that lives close to you, and should be someone you can rely on to represent your views. They often form part of a community organisation, religious group, sports club, education institution, or interest group.


What does a ward committeee member do

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