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New to the Langeberg Municipal website is a free platform called WorkFinder, where all job seekers can register themselves to find work.

 As we all know, the unemployment rate is increasing daily. Many Langeberg residents are sitting at home without a CV or the necessary skills to put themselves out there in the job market. It could be that they have minimum to no education, are physically restricted to go out and look for work due to a disability or have limited resources. However, there is a chance that they might just have a skill that can be of value to an employer.


This new online platform puts you out there for employers to find. It’s free for everyone to register and complete a resume form. This can be done in the comfort of your home or at your nearest library. If you are not computer savvy, an official will be at your library once a week to assist you with the registration process.


To register yourself, you will need an email address. If you don’t have an email address there are many platforms available to open a free email account for example Gmail, Yahoo, and many others to choose from.

You will need to list all your skills as this will make you more employable. Whether you can paint, build, weld, cook, clean, drive a taxi or do accounting work, you should stipulate it all in order for your details to be visible by the employer when they search a specific skill. You are also given the option to attach your CV.


In order for employers to get hold of you, it is very important that you supply a relevant contact number and keep it updated in case your number changes.


The purpose of WorkFinder is to make the unemployed more accessible for employers to find. The end goal will be for you to receive a call for an interview.


Employers can be anyone from someone looking for a handyman, cleaner or painter on a contract basis, to a company looking for a skilled worker on a permanent basis.


Do not sell yourself short. If you are currently unemployed and want to work, you should focus on the skills that you have to offer an employer and use this platform to advertise yourself.


Langeberg Municipality will not be involved in the employment process, but purely offers the platform for employers to search for unemployed residents in the Langeberg area.


Click here to register on WorkFinder