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Langeberg Municipality is currently in a stage 2 water restriction where one of the restrictive measures are prohibiting the use of municipal (potable) water to irrigate gardens. However, there seems to be a grey area when it comes to using water from boreholes.

It has also come under the attention of the municipality that groundwater are being sold illegally or transported to other properties for the irrigation of gardens. Selling water is illegal if you are not registered at the Department of Water and Sanitation as a Water Service Authority (WSA).


Langeberg Municipality strongly discouraged residents from using boreholes to water lawns or fill swimming pools. The severity of the drought in the Western Cape require everyone to do their part in saving this precious life source.


Residents must realise that it is unfair to want to keep green lushes gardens during this dire times, when day Zero is quickly approaching. As a result the municipality will soon be forced to tighten compliance around groundwater use.

Due to the high impact on the environment, groundwater should be regulated and monitored. If you have a borehole or wellpoint on your property, you are required to register it with the municipality and display signage on your property. This is a legal requirement during water restrictions and is necessary to avoid fines for violating water restrictions.


In an effort to preserve groundwater, we encourage those consumers to limit using borehole water in the garden and rather use it to flush toilets. This way you will relieve the strain on potable water, and show your commitment to avoid Day Zero.

To register your borehole please contact Maynard Johnson at 023 615 8000 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.