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Based on a re-assessment of the water situation in Langeberg area, the Langeberg Municipal Council has lifted water restrictions, effective from the next meter reading and billing cycle after 01 June 2018.


Over the past two months the catchment area of the Breede River received good rainfall in the Witzenberg and Ceres mountain ranges. This has resulted in an increase of natural flow in the Breede River that exceeds the current water demand and the Langeberg Municipality has therefore decided to lift the current water restrictions until further notice.


As long as this natural flow in the river continues, we have no reason to restrict its use. What is not used or stored now, will basically be lost at sea,” said Isak van der Westhuizen, Director: Engineering Services

The Brandvlei Dam, which provides about 50% of Langeberg Municipality's raw water supply, is reliant on winter rainfall in the Du Toitskloof and Rawsonville Mountain Ranges. Rainfall in this area has also been above expectation, lifting the dam level to 19% on 20 June 2018, compared to 14% at the same time last year.

Currently, no water is being released from the Brandvlei Dam and all of this winter's rainfall is being stored for release during the dry summer months.
At the end of the winter rainfall season when the natural flow of the Breede River stops, we are again dependent on water released from the Brandvlei dam into to the Breede River to provide for about 50% of the water demand of the Langeberg Municipality.


“The Langeberg Municipal dams are currently full, with the capacity to supply Langeberg's water demand for about 3 months (with no rainfall). During these winter months there are also a decrease in the irrigation needs of the agricultural sector, putting less strain on the water supply,” says van der Westhuizen.


Residents must however be aware that water restrictions might be implemented again after the winter rainfall season is over. Depending on the level that the Brandvlei dam reaches by October, Council will reassess the situation.


Although we have enough water now, water must always be used responsibly. Continue to save and store water for the summer months when the Brandvlei Dam might again be one of our main sources of water supply and we might have to face water restrictions again.