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Road R60 (TR31/2) between Robertson and Ashton are being resealed and currently two (2) STOP/GO controls of up to 4km on this road up to Wednesday 17 April 2019.
Road R317 (MR287) between Robertson and Bonnievale currently have one (1) STOP/GO in operation of 2,5 kilometre in length.

  • The two sections of R60 currently being repaired and resealed start at km13.58 east of Worcester at the Nuy Intersection and ends at km15.68 at the entrance to Ashton.
  • The section of the R317 starts at the circle in Robertson and ends at km 14.5 at the Kogmanskloof River Bridge.
  • Most of the construction work are being done within 4 km half width closures.
  • Currently texture slurry and patching are being done on the R60 between Worcester and Robertson. One (1) closure of maximum 4km length is being used per day.
  • The R60 between Robertson and Ashton are being resealed with two current closures of 4km length. Both these closures should be removed on Wednesday 17 April and re-erected after Easter weekend for completion of the seal.
  • The R317 are being resealed with currently one closure of 4km length. This road section should be completed by Wednesday 17 April and removed.
  • No new half width closures will be used during the winter months as the sealing operation will only resume during September 2019.
  • The public is requested to be patient and exercise extreme caution when using the roads during construction.


The Western Cape Government is working hard to maintain our roads.

Please drive carefully during this period of construction.

Let us work together to ensure that our roads are safe.