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Langeberg Municipality’s Executive Mayor, Alderman Schalk van Eeden, express grave concern about the low attendance rate of particularly Gr.12-learners at the five public high schools in the municipal area.

“We have seen that the average daily attendance rate for the Class of 2020 across the region is lower than 60% and at some schools it is even lower than 45%,” Alderman van Eeden said.

With less than two months to go before the national senior certificate exam, Alderman van Eeden called on parents and guardians to make sure that all learners who should be at school, are sent to school.

“COVID-19 had a very disruptive impact on all our lives but I am concerned about its impact on the academic calendar. Parents and guardians must ensure that all learners who should be in attendance, are at school. We can now not be the reason for further disruptions at our schools.”

Part of the All-in-School campaign that will be launched this week, would involve community policing forum members and ward committee members to help improve the school attendance rate when most grades return to school today.

“We need to get all our learners back in school and we need to take hands with everyone with a direct and indirect interest in the future of this area,” Alderman van Eeden concluded.