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The COVID-19 pandemic caught the country and the world off guard and had a major impact on everyone, including non-profit early childhood development programmes (ECD programmes). This led to an abrupt loss of income which impacts on meeting key financial obligations. It leads particularly to a continued risk on the loss of jobs of existing ECD practitioners with skills, knowledge and experience in early learning and development. This will also impact on children’s continued access to quality early learning and development opportunities in the early years as these programmes re-open.

The National Early Learning and Development Programme Support Fund during COVID-19 in the Republic of South Africa (ECD-Support Fund) was created by people from all walks of life to provide bridging financial aid that goes towards the salaries of ECD practitioners as well as operational costs of programmes working to support non-profit ECD programmes and to avoid them closing and losing experienced staff and premises.

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Closing date for applications: 10 October 2020