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Langeberg Municipality has just completed a General Valuation of all immovable properties (urban and rural) within the municipal boundaries.


What is the legislative framework for General Valuation? 

  • The valuation was done in terms of the Local Government: Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004 (Act 6 of 2004).
  • The Valuation Roll is the official record of the value of all rateable properties within the jurisdiction of our Municipality. In terms of legislation, the Valuation Roll is valid for a period of 5 years.
  • Property Rates will be calculated on the new valuation from 1 July 2021 as determined by the Langeberg Municipality during the budget process in March 2021.

What is the property uses for all categories?

  • The municipality has in terms of its rates policy, levied different rates for different categories of rateable properties, which may include categories determined according to the use of the property or the permitted use of the property.
  • Categories that may be determined in terms of the above include for example; residential properties, industrial properties, business/commercial properties and agricultural properties (agricultural properties can for example be used for agricultural purposes, residential purposes or other business/commercial purposes). Another category is also properties used for multiple purposes. The latter refers to the use of a property for more than one purpose.

These properties must be assigned to a category determined by the Municipality for purposes used for example; a purpose corresponding with the permitted use of the property or with the dominant use of the property.

  • These categories will be reflected on the notice that ratepayers will receive regarding their new valuation.
  • NB: The Rates categories in this notice are not the same as the Zoning categories in the Langeberg Integrated Zoning Scheme, 2018.

Submission of Certified Roll to Municipal Manager

  • The Certified Roll was submitted and verified by the Finance Department
  • The final roll was then submitted to the Municipal Manager who published a notice, within 21 days, stating that the roll is now for inspection.

What is the Inspection period of the Valuation Roll?

  • Placement of adverts: 24 February 2021 and 03 March 2021.
    • The Valuation Roll is now open for inspection by the public for deliberation.
  • The inspection period is from 24 February 2021 until 23 April 2021.

What is the Objection Period?

  • Objections may be lodged from 24 February until 23 April 2021 at any Municipal Office/ordinary post and / or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Objection forms are available from all Municipal Offices, Libraries, Municipal Website, and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Objections must be lodged on the prescribed objection forms during the prescribed period.
  • No late objections will be accepted after 23 April 2021.
  • A separate objection from must be submitted per property.
  • The completed objections may be submitted as follows:

-               Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-               Fax: (023) 614 1841

-               Post to:  Municipal Manager

                                Langeberg Municipality

                              Attention: Kobus Brand

                                Private Bag X2


  • By hand to any municipal office.


What is the basis for a valid objection?

  • In terms of section 49(1) (a)(ii) of the Act any owner of property or other person who so desires should lodge an objection with the Municipal Manager in respect of any matter reflected in, or omitted from, the property valuation roll within the above period.
  • In terms of section 50 (2) of the Act, an objection must be in relation to a specific individual property and not against the property valuation roll as such.
  • You may object to any information displayed on the valuation roll, as long as you are able to back-up your objection.

                It is up to you, the objector, to prove that the market value assessment is wrong. (e.g. extent of erf is wrong, wrong category, erf situated in floodline, dilapidated building, other physical constraints etc.)

What is not a valid basis for objection?

  • The payment of taxes.

The Municipality will not consider the following types of objections

  • Incomplete objection forms
  • Multiple objections per objection form
  • Objections completed in bad faith
  • Frivolous objections to unrelated issues
  • Objections not submitted on the official objection form
  • Late objections

What happens with my objection?

  • The objection will be issued to the valuer. The Municipal Valuer will assess the objection and you will be notified by the valuer in writing of his decision.

What happens if I am not happy with the decision?

  • The objector may in writing apply within 30 days for the reason/s for the decision (application fee R150.00).
  • The valuer must within 30 days after receipt of such application by the Municipal Manager provide the reason for the decision in writing.

Can I appeal against the objection outcome?

  • You are entitled to (within 30 days after decision of your objection has been received) appeal against the objection decision of the Municipal Valuer if you believe you have good grounds on which to base such an appeal.
  • If the objector has requested reasons an appeal must be lodged within 21 days after the reasons were sent to the objector.
  • The appeal will be heard by an independent appeal board. Information on how to lodge an appeal will be included in a notice to be posted.
  • The chairperson of an Appeal Board must convene a meeting within 60 days after the appeal/s has been forwarded to him to consider the appeal/s.

How is my Property Rates calculated and implemented?

  • Property rates will be calculated on the new valuation from 1 July 2021
  • The annual property rates are calculated by multiplying the market value of the property by the rate tariff (cent in the Rand) as determined by Council during the budget process. Substantial increase in property value will not necessarily result in similar escalation in the rates account.
  • You need to pay rates on the new valuation until the appeal is resolved, even though your rates bill will reflect the new rates amount.
  • Once your appeal has been resolved, any amount owing will be debited or credited to your account.

Who do I contact for more information?

What is the process of valuation: from the Inspection of the toll to objections and appeal?