For COVID-19 updates, visit the official government website

The COVID-19 pandemic has for the unforeseeable future changed the way we go about conducting our business. There has been a noticeable surge in the usage of online and remote services, from shopping on the web to doctor’s consultations via the phone. In an effort to lessen the spread of COVID-19 in the Langeberg area, the municipality encourages residents to make use of the following existing online and remote services to conduct municipal affairs.


Your municipal account can be paid via online banking, by adding the municipality as a beneficiary or making a direct deposit at your nearest bank. Once you have registered, another online alternative, EasyPay, can be used to pay your municipal account. Banking Details of Langeberg Municipality are as follow:

  • Account name: Langeberg Municipality
  • Bank: ABSA Branch: Montagu
  • Account number: 105 000 000 8
  • Branch code: 334 513
  • Reference: Your municipal account number
  • Swift code: ABSA ZA JJ


You can buy pre-paid electricity by making use of banking apps or online banking services, if the option is offered by their selected bank. Once registered, Pay Portal, PayCity and Prepaid24 are additional online platforms residents can use to purchase electricity.


As part of Langeberg Municipality’s aim to continuously strive towards service delivery excellence a 24/7 WhatsApp line was introduced in 2019 to make the reporting of resident’s service delivery complaints more convenient.

The WhatsApp line serves as an addition to the existing methods of reporting, such as e-mail and telephone, and is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please make use of the following contact information to log your service delivery complaint:

  • The WhatsApp Reporting number is 065 211 7822.
  • call us on the 24/7 Call Centre number at 0860 88 1111,
  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Enquiries that are not service related, and not urgent or an emergency can also be reported via Langeberg Municipality’s social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Read the latest municipal news and updates wherever you are with a digital copy of the Langeberg Express. You can find the latest, as well as older, issues on the municipal website for you to read wherever you are.

Receive SMS notifications from Langeberg Municipality by simply registering on the database. In order to register please provide us with the following information:

  • Name & Surname      
  • Cell Number
  • Street Address      
  • Municipal Account Number      
  • Language Preference (Afrikaans or English)    
  • Ward Number

The above information can be sent on any the following platforms:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • SMS & WhatsApp: 066 101 1632 or 066 163 9862
  • Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: Langeberg Municipality
  • Website:
  • Or simply complete the SMS database register forms at the reception offices of all 5 towns.


With the increase of online users also comes an increase of viruses and hackers trying to get hold of user’s information. Langeberg Municipality encourage residents to ensure they remain safe and have adequate security software. Here are 5 tips from Google’s Safety Centre to help you stay more secure online:

  • Create strong & unique passwords: Creating a strong, unique password is one of the most critical steps that you can take to protect your online accounts. Do not use the same password to log into multiple accounts, social media profiles and retail websites.
  • Keep track of multiple passwords: A password manager helps protect and keep track of the passwords that you use on sites and apps.
  • Defend against hackers with 2‑Step Verification: 2-Step Verification helps keep out anyone who shouldn’t have access to your account by requiring you to use a secondary factor on top of your username and password to log in to your account.
  • Keep software up to date: To protect yourself from security vulnerabilities, always use up-to-date software across your web browser, operating system, plug-ins and document editors.
  • Keep potentially harmful apps off your phone: Always download your mobile apps from a source that you trust (such as your phone’s native application store).
  • Use a screen lock: When you are not using your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, lock your screen to keep others from getting in to your device.