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One of the sub stations that provides electricity to a section of Robertson run on close to full capacity.

When power is restored after load-shedding, nuisance tripping sometimes occurs. This is when the power is restored to an area and fails to come back on in some parts.The power outage often goes unreported because residents assume that it is due to load-shedding.

When the electrical connection is restored by Eskom, the start up load on a transformer might exceed the capacity of the network, causing the circuit breaker to trip. We are only able to reset the circuit breaker once the peak load is reduced. 

Residents are encouraged to reduce the risk and occurrence of nuisance tripping by switching off appliances (including geysers, air conditioners and pool pumps) prior to load-shedding and leaving one light on to indicate the return of the supply.

General faults can also sometimes be confused with load-shedding. In the case of uncertainty, please call our 24/7 customer care centre at 0860881111.