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Langeberg Municipality is obligated to adhere to the stipulations of the Protection of Personal Information Act, Act no 4 of 2013.

This Act determines, amongst other things, that:

  • Personal information must be protected to ensure the confidentiallity thereof, and
  • Electronic communication must take place with permission.

By the nature of the services rendered to residents, storage of consumers’ personal information on our municipal systems and databases is unavoidable. However, we ensure you that Langeberg Municipality’s systems are safeguarded and that the necessary mechanisms and precautions are being implemented to ensure that your personal information is stored with integrity, security and confidentiality.

Granting or withholding consent for electronic communication between you and the municipality is simple:

If you agree to communicate electronically with Langeberg Municipality, simply make use of the electronic communication channels available, such as our Website, Facebook page, Twitter page, Whatsapp groups, Short Messaging Service (SMS), etc.

If you do not consent to communicate with Langeberg Municipality electronically, please do the following:

  • Stop receiving communication via our Facebook page and Twitter by un-following the Langeberg Municipality
  • Stop communication via any of our Whatsapp groups by self-exiting such groups, or by requesting the group administrator to remove you from such group - with a message, “remove me”.

Langeberg Municipality has an obligation to communicate with its residents and to make such communication easier for residents as far as is possible. More so, we must also try to reduce residents’ unnecessary exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic. Electronic communication provides such easy and safe channel and it is currently Langeberg Municipality’s choice for communication.

Your cooperation is appreciated.