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The Electoral Commission in the Western Cape is calling on all eligible citizens who have not registered to vote before or if already registered but have changed address, to - register by the 20 September 2021 in order to vote in the upcoming 2021 Municipal Elections on 01 November 2021.


New Registration or re-registration can be done either:

 At the voting station in the area where you live between 8am and 5 pm on Registration Weekend of Saturday 18th and Sunday 19 September 2021;

 At the local office of the IEC during office hours;

 Through the Online Voter Registration facility available 24/7 to existing and firsttime voters.


Go to IEC website for a quick and easy registration process.


There are just over 3 million people registered to vote in the Western Cape, and the IEC is hoping to increase this number, especially young people.

The Online Voter Registration facility is part of the Electoral Commission’s on-going commitment to provide greater accessibility and convenience to voters.

We encourage voters with the means and data to assist friends and family to register or check and update their Voters’ Roll addresses online.

In the previous election of 2019 we had 1 577 voting stations / registration venues and the same number will be available for registration and voting – in some cases the venue of the voting station within your voting district may have changed, and this upcoming weekend will be a good time for you to make sure you know where it is. The Registration Weekend is yet another opportunity for the youth and other potential voters to register and to make it possible to exercise their democratic right to vote and have a say in who their local representative is.

Remember to bring your Smart ID, or Green Bar-coded ID Book or Temporary Identification Certificate with to the venue.


During the time of COVID 19, persons coming to register at our venues are expected to adhere to the following rules for their safety, as well as the safety of fellow citizens and IEC staff:

 Wear a mask;

 Keep a distance of at least 1.5 m;

 Liquid sanitiser will be sprayed on your hands by an Election Official upon entering and leaving the voting station.

Electoral Officials will be provided with masks and face shields to wear when on duty. All voting stations’ surfaces will be wiped with 70% alcohol disinfectant before and after use. In order to vote on the 1st of November you must be registered as a voter by the 20th of September 2021.