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The situation in Nkqubela, Robertson is currently under control and calm. Langeberg Municipality has resumed cleansing services, such as waste removal, in the area.

The South African Police Services (SAPS) have confirmed that no further incidences have been reported.
SAPS also reported the following information:

• 0 Deaths
• 15 Minor Injuries
• 2 Cases of Public Violence were opened
• 1 Arrest was made
• No Theft cases opened but Zimbabwean nationals claimed 20 shacks were broken into
• 5 Shacks Burnt Down

Langeberg Municipality is currently facilitating discussions with the various role players to address the situation and finding the way forward.

Thank you to the residents, businesses, churches and other organisations who provided humanitarian relief efforts to the displaced foreign nationals.

We once again urge the public to abstain from spreading fake news as it only adds tension to the situation and spreads fear among residents.

Yours faithfully