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Illegal dumping is becoming an increasingly tough challenge to deal with in the Langeberg Municipal area. Not only does it create a health risk to our residents and an eyesore for our visitors, but it also pushes up municipal cleaning costs.

Langeberg Municipality is doing its best to discourage illegal dumping, but we need our community to join us in this fight.

By following the points below, you will ensure that your neighbourhood stays neat and tidy:

  • Place your household waste in wheelie bins/black bags and put it outside on scheduled collection days.
  • Use your garden waste for composting.
  • Drop off garden waste at the Transfer Station in your town.

Communities are encouraged to work with the Langeberg Municipality to ensure that incidents are reported.

We urge residents to take down the details of perpetrators and, if possible, gather photographic evidence, so we can prosecute those who dump illegally.

Langeberg Municipality’s Law Enforcement Unit handles the legal aspects of fines and all criminal procedures related to illegal dumping. The minimum fine for dumping or littering is R1 000, but it can be as high as R2 500.

Report illegal dumping!
Should you wish to report any illegal dumping, where an offender or vehicle registration can be identified, call the 24/7 Emergency Call Centre and Customer Service on 0860 88 1111 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..