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Public libraries move a step closer in providing an agile, adaptive and technologically advanced service to its patrons.

The introduction of eBooks on the Overdrive Digital Platform which started out as a mere thought a few years ago has now become a reality.

The demand for Online reading steadily increased over the course of the last few years and is now part of the offering at Western Cape public libraries where library patrons can borrow books from the comfort of their homes or virtually any place with the new Libby App. The App can be downloaded to their cell phones and other mobile devices.

The Libby App is the software application that enables library patrons to borrow library books and other library material from the new Library Service Overdrive website. The Western Cape Library Service, with the support of the City of Cape Town Library and Information Service, is in the process of launching the Overdrive website for access to online borrowing of eBooks and audio books.

Library members will be able to access the service by downloading the Libby App on their smart devices. The digital library collection can be accessed through the Western Cape Library Service catalogue as well as the City of Cape Town Library Service OPAC website. The Overdrive website is a complementary digital library service to our 374 public libraries in the Western Cape.

Overdrive is a global reading platform and distributor of digital content for libraries and schools and comprises a large catalogue of eBooks and audiobooks that can be accessed anytime and anywhere to read and listen to. This website contains genres of fiction, non-fiction, suspense, thrillers, romance, mysteries and literature. By clicking on a book title of your choice a synopsis of the book appears that patrons can read. A search function allows the browser to search for a specific title of a book or any other library material.

Digital library collection

The eBooks are available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa and the audiobooks are available in English and Afrikaans only.


Only registered library users with a library card can have free access to the Western Cape Library Service website, and it can be done via the integrated:

▪ Libby App for handheld devices

▪ Overdrive website URL

▪ SLIMS online catalogue (WCLS)

▪ OPAC Online catalogue (COCLS)

New members must register at their public library and can check for access to the system after 5 working days. Wifi connection is needed to access the Overdrive website, SLIMS catalogue, COCT catalogue and Libby App.

Reading eBooks can be done off-line. eBooks can be borrowed from the Overdrive website via the Libby App.


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