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With a focus on greening the area, the Langeberg Municipal council got digging to plant trees at the Voortrekker Park in Montagu as part of the the celebration of National Arbor Month.

During the month of September the department of Parks and Amenities re-iterated the value of trees by creating awareness of the importance to conserve, protect and plant indigenous trees.

The theme for the year 2022 is “Forests and sustainable production and consumption” and continue towards the targets set by the the Two Million Trees Programme.

Greening refers to an integrated approach to the planting, care and management of all vegetation in urban and rural areas to secure multiple benefits for communities. Greening in the South African context takes place in towns, townships, informal settlements and rural settlements specifically because in the past the latter mentioned areas were disadvantaged in terms of planning for recreational parks as well as tree planting in streets and open spaces.

The department work in partnership with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community based organisations (CBOs) in general to raise awareness rural greening initiatives to.

  • Raise awareness of urban and rural greening initiatives.
  • Promote a better understanding of trees, particularly indigenous trees and fruit trees
  • Highlight the important role trees play in sustainable development and the livelihoods of people and their environment
  • Encourage communities to participate in various greening activities within their own surroundings

Trees of the year 2022

Keeping in mind that some areas of our country still experience drought it is encouraged to plant indigenous trees that do not consume a lot of water. For the year 2022, the trees of the year are as follows:

  • Common Tree: Dais cotinifolia L. – Pompon tree
  • Tree for Promotion : Peltophorum africunum - African Black wattle
  • Tree for Appreciation 1: Aloidendron dichotomum – Quiver Tree
  • Tree for Appreciation 2: Aloidendron pillansii – Giant Quiver Tree

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