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The Langeberg Municipality’s Library Services has very GOOD NEWS for their library patrons. A FINE FREE amnesty period is coming soon at all the public and dual-purpose libraries starting from WEDNESDAY 1st MARCH 2023.

You do not want to miss out on this great opportunity. Please do look through your cupboards, under your couches and beds at home for any LONG OVERDUE library materials and return all to the libraries where you had loaned it from.

There will be no questions asked only smiles will welcome you and thank you for returning the libraries property during this FINE FREE period. The SITA Library Information Management System/ SLIMS has been offline since the 15th November 2022 and is currently undergoing repairs this can take up to a further 3 - 6 months for the system to be back online.

The ending of this FINE FREE period will be announced on this platform when SLIMS functioning again. The library services will appreciate your effort and are looking forward to getting the library materials back. So please hurry and return those long overdue BOOKs/CDs/DVDs, it will not matter whether they are YEARS, MONTHS, WEEKS OR DAYS LATE you will not pay even a cent.

The fines on your library membership cards which were reflecting on your SLIMS records have also been cleared. The Langeberg Library Services wants all the libraries’ patrons to start the year DEBT FREE. Please return the outstanding library materials in good condition, you will have to pay if the library materials have been DAMAGED.


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