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In the Langeberg Municipal area, specifically in McGregor and Robertson, illegal dumping, and the burning of waste in rivers and open spaces leads to bad odours and an increased risk of ill-health. Clean rivers are of high importance to human life and the environment. Constant pollution of this natural resource adversely affects plant, animal, and human life.

Open burning poses a threat to the environment, animals, and public health. Smoke pollutes the air we breathe and affects plants adversely. Ash pollutes our soil, groundwater, lakes, rivers, and ocean streams. Our rivers are overgrown with Arundo donax (giant reed) and Typha capensis (Bulrush) and burning can lead to uncontrollable fires. As Langeberg Municipality regularly collects waste and disposes of it safely, no waste should ever be dumped or burned illegally.

Burning of waste harms our environment

Burning waste materials, such as garbage, empty containers for flammable substances, plastic and painted or treated wood, is harmful to the environment. These materials release toxic chemicals which pollute the air that humans and animals inhale and it also deposit on plants, our soil and surface water.

Residue from burning contaminates the soil and groundwater and can enter the human food chain via crops and livestock. Certain chemicals released by burning can accumulate in the fats of animals and then, also in humans as we consume meat, fish, and dairy products.

Smoke, soot, and bad odours can travel long distances. It can enter houses and cause health issues and discomfort. Outside, it can deposit on plants, cars, hanging laundry, or playground equipment. The gases released by open burning can also corrode metal and damage paint on buildings.

Langeberg Municipality calls on residents to be mindful of the environmental consequences and adverse financial impact that illegal dumping and burning of waste can cause.

Say ‘no’ to illegal dumping, and ‘yes’ to a clean environment

Residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping and the burning of waste by calling our 24/7 Emergency and Customer Service Call Centre on 0860 88 1111, or by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.