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Do you qualify for indigent subsidy?

The Langeberg Municipality currently supports a total of 6 043 indigent households that are exempted from paying rates.

Indigent households are residential consumers with a monthly household income of less than R 4 190 or residential properties valued up to R80 000.

Beneficiaries of the subsidy receive the following for free:

  • the first six kiloliters of water
  • the first 50 kilowatt-hours of electricity
  • subsidy equally to the charges for waste collection and sewerage per month

Qualification criteria:

  • Applicable to households on residential property
  • Own only one property
  • Only the account holder may apply
  • Full-time occupant of the residential property or where the registered owner is unable to occupy the property
  • Joint household income must not exceed R4190.00 per month

The indigent grant will be withdrawn from any person who:

  • Runs a spaza shop illegally from the premises receiving subsidy
  • Allows illegal electricity connections to the premises receiving an indigent grant
  • Subleases the premises receiving an indigent grant, which means that the applicant is not personally occupying the premises

For more information on the indigent subsidy and how to apply please contact the Credit Control Official/s of your specific town