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19 March 2024


All events in the Langeberg Municipal area have to go through an application and approval process to ensure the event is safe for the public and comply to the municipality's Events By-law. Event applications need to be submitted at least two months before the actual event date. The following steps will guide you through how the process works.

1. Contact us
Contact the municipality regarding a proposed event in the Langeberg Municipal area.
Call: 023 626 8214
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

2. Determine if your event needs an application
After contacting the municipality, the matter is discussed to determine if the proposed activity is regarded as an event in terms of our Event By-law:

3. Apply for your event
If it determined that your event needs to follow the application process, an application form will be made available to complete. Once complete application, relevant document and proof of payment is received, and checked for completeness in terms of the Event Requirements document:

4. Evaluation of application
The complete application is sent to all Event Evaluation Team members to provide inputs. Clarity on comments / concerns are taken up with the event organizer. The comments are then included in a letter detailing the application outcome which is submitted to the Municipal Manager for review and signature.

5.Letter with application status
Once the Municipal Manager reviewed and signed the letter, it is forwarded to the applicant to inform them of the application outcome.