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06 February 2024


It is crucial for businesses to establish and adhere to regular cleaning routines to ensure the cleanliness of their storefronts. Besides being a regulatory compliance, storefront cleanliness will also provide a positive customer experience. Unfortunately, some businesses engage in improper waste disposal practices, violating established protocols.

Despite Langeberg Municipality doing weekly waste collections, some businesses continue to put out additional waste on non-collection days. Businesses are urged to dispose of additional waste at designated landfill sites in each town. For added convenience, businesses can request extra waste collection services, available up to three times per week, at an additional cost.

According to the Langeberg Municipality's Integrated Waste Management By-law, 2021:

  1. No person may drop, throw, deposit, spill, dump, or in any other way discard any waste into or onto any public place, public road, municipal drain, land, vacant erf, stream, or any other places not allowed for in this by-law or allow any person under their control to do so.
  2. An owner or occupier of business premises may not allow the accumulation of waste on a sidewalk, road reserve, or any vacant property adjacent to his or her business premises.

Failure to comply with the Integrated Waste Management By-law may result in fines of up to R3000.00.

Maintaining a clean storefront is beneficial for various reasons, including:

  1. Positive First Impressions: A well-maintained storefront creates a positive impression on customers.
  2. Customer Comfort: Cleanliness contributes to a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.
  3. Safety and Hygiene: A clean storefront is crucial for the safety and well-being of both customers and employees.

Click here to view your town's Waste Collection Schedule, Waste Facilities, and Waste-related Offences and Fines.

Let's work together to make Langeberg the cleanest municipal area