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08 August 2023


Langeberg Municipality is aware of the condition of the roads within our municipal area and has been working on solutions to attend to the matter. One of the short-term solutions is to repair the potholes and clean stormwater channels in the towns according to a Pothole Repair Programme.Due to the huge backlog in funding for the resurfacing and rehabilitation of our roads, there is an increase of potholes, especially during the rainy season. The much-needed rain not only makes it difficult to fix roads, but the wet conditions also contribute to further deterioration of the road surface.
During this time of the year, we temporarily repair potholes by filling them with a stabilised mixture, to ensure road surface remains in a drivable state as much as possible. The more permanent fixing of potholes will be done as the weather permits.
Langeberg Municipality urges the community to log complaints of potholes, uneven road surfaces, damaged pavements and road signage to the 24/7 customer call centre. Contact us at 0860 88 1111, WhatsApp 065 211 7822 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Reported potholes will be added to the Potholes Repair Programme. Roads with high volume of traffic are prioritised. All potholes reported will receive attention according to the programme.
The following roads have several potholes and will be prioritised during the month of August 2023. The civil works team do their best to stay on schedule, but it is subject to the weather and other urgent matters that require the team’s attention such at pipe bursts, stormwater issues and breakdowns among other things.

7-11 August 2023 14-18 August 2023 21-25 August 2023
Ashton Ashton Ashton
Jasmyn Street Vygie Street Middel Street
Iris Street Magnolia Street Gardenia Street
Blue Bells Street Coronation Avenue Eike Street
Acacia Street Begonia Street Zwedala Street
Jacaranda Street Amirilla Avenue Dudumashe Street
Bonnievale Bonnievale Bonnievale
Kruin Crescent Hanepoot Street Keurboom Street
Karob Avenue Wade Street Kristal Avenue
Roos Street Buite Crescent Frans Avenue
  Kanaal Street  
McGregor McGregor McGregor
Kantoor Street Loop Street Voortrekker Street
  Barry Street  
Montagu Montagu Montagu
Staal Street Swanepoel Street Protea Avenue
Wilhelm Thys Avenue Du Toit Street Angelier Avenue
Bloupunt Avenue Church Street Renonkel Avenue
  Piet Retief Street Sipres Avenue
  Joubert Street  
  Unie Street  
Robertson Robertson Robertson
Sonneblom Street Paul Kruger Street Fleur Street
Richter Street Samuel Street Iris Street
Jasmyn Street Silimela Street George Street
Nuton Street Dayi Street Heuwel Street
28 – 31 August 2023
Ashton McGregor Montagu
Spofana Street 2nd Avenue Eike Avenue
Mantlana Street Meul Street Waboom Cresent
Building Street   Akasia Avenue
    Palm Avenue
Bonnievale Robertson Jakaranda Avenue
Olien Avenue 1st Avenue Bloekom Avenue
Barlinka Avenue Sainsbury Street  
Snyman Street