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11 June 2024


Langeberg Municipality hereby caution the public of a new scam.

Be aware of a Phone call, WhatsApp and SMS scam of a person claiming to be from Langeberg Municipality that have an electricity disconnection scheduled at your property, unless a payment is made.

  • Do NOT make any payments to account information that are provided telephonically or provide any information about your bank accounts or bank cards. It's a SCAM!
  • The Langeberg Municipality bank account is on your Langeberg Municipality invoice and payment to any other bank account will be a scam. (Langeberg Municipality, ABSA Bank account no.: 105 000 000 8, Montagu Branch Code: 334 513)
  • Langeberg Municipality will not contact you via WhatsApp or SMS about an arrears account.
  • If you are approached by someone expecting you to provide payment somewhere other than our designated pay points, please decline the offer of assistance and report the individual to the municipal call centre at 0860 88 11 11 or SAPS at 10111. Langeberg Municipal employees are not allowed to take any monies beyond the pay point cubicles.

Stay vigilant, share this post, and help protect our community from falling victim to fraudulent activities.