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29 June 2023


A brand-new fire station is currently under construction on Church Street, Robertson, right next to the Calle de Wet Sportsgrounds. Construction commenced on 5 April 2023, and has already made commendable progress. The development comes at a cost of R17 million, reflecting a significant investment in the safety and well-being of the local community and visitors alike. Contrary to popular belief, this is Langeberg Municipality’s first fire station in Robertson. Cape Winelands District Municipality (CWDM), however, does have premises in Robertson with firefighting vehicles that are primarily used for their firefighting functions (mountain, bush fires, etc.).

The decision to build the fire station was driven by the need to protect lives, property, and infrastructure and to adhere to the requirements as set forth by the legislation. The increase in population growth has also created a higher demand for fire services to respond as quickly as possible.

The integrated development planning platforms have received various inputs and comments highlighting the urgent need for a new fire station in the area. The construction of the fire station is a significant step towards improving the emergency response capabilities of the firefighting team. With its strategic location and comprehensive facilities, the station will enable firefighters to respond swiftly and effectively to fire and other life-threatening emergencies, minimising property damage and ensuring the saving of lives.

Currently, the Langeberg municipality operates a satellite fire station in Ashton to service all five towns and neighbouring farms. Where it would normally take between 10 and 35 minutes to respond to fire calls in Robertson and its surrounding areas, it will now take approximately 4 to 5 minutes once the new fire station is complete. This will help to mitigate the negative impact of fires on communities in the Langeberg area, especially the previously disadvantaged.

The double-story fire station building will, upon completion, comprise of a reception lobby, administration offices, a board room, a lecture room, a gymnasium, sleeping quarters, a watch room, ablution facilities, kitchen facilities, a wash bay, and storage rooms. The machine bay will be able to hold approximately six fire engines.