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30 August 2023


Langeberg Municipality has launched an initiative to address the serious challenges regarding street cleaning and illegal littering.

As of July 2023, a minimum of 200 free-standing refuse containers will be strategically positioned on our towns' pavements for general use by the public.

After a successful bidding process, Langeberg municipality has entered into a contract with a service provider, Combo Sign (Proprietary) LTD, that will supply, install, and maintain free-standing street refuse containers at no cost to the municipality.

The placement sites are leased from the Langeberg Municipality, who shall service the containers by emptying the refuse and replacing refuse bags, where applicable.

In return, the successful bidder has sole advertising rights for a period of three years. At the termination of the agreement, Combo Sign will be expected to remove all containers and signs.

The street refuse containers are made of concrete, have a sandstone finish, and can be fitted with a lid.

Sign faces on all four sides of the container allow for the insertion of high-quality and durable chromadek advertisements that are to be maintained to an acceptable standard by the service provider.

Advertising on public street bins can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. To book a space, contact Thea Roodt at 082 041 2221 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

All advertisements must comply with the Langeberg Municipal Policy for the Design and Control of Signs.

The provision of these extra public refuse containers allows passersby to conveniently and safely dispose of their litter by ensuring it is securely placed inside these containers.

Littering in our streets is a breach of the municipal By-Law relating to streets:
• No person should dump, leave, or accumulate any waste products in any street or public place.
• No person may deposit residential, business, industrial, garden, building, or hazardous waste in a public litter bin.
• No person shall deface, damage, or in any way interfere with any sign or board that has been erected in a street by or with the permission of the municipality.

A person who is guilty of such an offence can be held liable on conviction to a fine and/or imprisonment.

Please report an overflowing public litter bin to the Langeberg Municipal 24/7 customer call centre at 0860 88 11 11, WhatsApp 065 211 7822, or Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..