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25 July 2023


All STS prepaid electricity meter software in South Africa are in the process to be updated to prepare for a Token ID (TID) Rollover on 24 November 2024.

The unique 20-digit number you receive when you purchase pre-paid electricity is called a token and cannot be used more than once. The unique Token Identifiers (TID’s) used to identify each electricity credit token will run out of available numbers on 24 November 2024. This implies that all prepaid meters must now be configured to accept the new STS Edition 2 tokens that will be generated from 24 November 2024. If this is not done, the prepaid meter will not be able to accept tokens and the user will be left without access to electricity.

Langeberg Municipality has appointed Syntell Pty Ltd, as the prepaid meter service provider, to visit households and businesses from August 2023 – November 2024 to update each prepaid meter. 

To ensure that all prepaid electricity meters are updated, the municipality has opted against the Eskom do-it-yourself approach and will conduct a comprehensive door-to-door audit and update of pre-paid meters.

Residents must only allow authorized field staff with an official identity card to enter your premise and access your electricity meter.

 The Syntell visit to your property will involve the following:

  • An inspection of the electrical meter
  • User data information collection
  • Re-programme and enter special pair of key change tokens to existing electricity prepaid meters so that the meter continues to work after 24 November 2024.

Prepaid meter users will need to recharge any vouchers you have already purchased. Once you have rolled over your software your prepaid meter will not accept any old tokens, so you must input any pre-purchased vouchers.

A token ID (TID) generally have a life span of 31.9 years, after which the meter must be reset and the meter key must be changed to prevent old tokens from being used again. Existing vending keys are linked to the 1993 base date and a key revision of 1 i.e. STS Edition 1. For this base date the token ID (TID) reaches its end of life on 24 November 2024. This is the 2024 Token ID (TID) Rollover

STS Edition 2 vending keys are instead linked to a 2014 base date and a new key revision. For this base date the TID reaches its end of life in 2045. All STS products (old and new) must comply with STS Edition 2 before 24 November 2024.

For more information, please contact Langeberg Municipality at 0860 88 11 11 or Syntell Service Desk at: Phone: 021 812 1877, WhatsApp: 072 728 9229, or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.