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19 October 2022

Call centre at your service 24/7

Langeberg Municipality's 24/7 Emergency and Customer Care Call Centre (0860 88 11 11) has been in operation for more than a decade. The call centre aims to contribute to community liaison and improve on customer loyalty and customer satisfaction within our municipality. The call centre mainly deals with general enquiries, municipal service requests and complaints from the entire Langeberg municipal area including the surrounding farms. WHAT TYPE OF SERVICE REQUESTS CAN I REPORT? Municipal service requests and all other operational faults must be directly reported to the call centre. Including:

• Burst waterpipes

• Sewerage blockages

• Water meter leaks

• Power outages

• Dirty streets and pavements

• Illegal dumping, etc. DO NOT CONTACT THE CALL CENTRE FOR:

• Loadshedding Schedules (make use of load-shedding apps, the call centre's WhatsApp status updates, or click here)

• Arrear Accounts (Contact the Credit Control Office - 023 615 8000) HELPDESK PROCEDURES The following quick guide attempts to clarify the helpdesk procedure: Logging a call When logging a call with our call centre it is very important to provide as much information as possible to the call centre operator. This person will request some basic information such as:

• your name and surname • address • municipal account or any meter number,

• contact number

• information about the nature of the problem.

The operator will then issue you with a call log reference number via an automated SMS message, once the complaint has been captured onto our system. Complainants who do not have access, did not provide a cell phone number, or any other contact numbers, can still request call log reference numbers. Call Categorization The base information collected by the operator will give insight into the nature of your call. We categorise all calls logged via the customer care management system, per department, ward, and town. Once the operator has categorized the call, the request is directed to the department concerned. Call Response Time It depends on the nature of a call. Fire alerts, vehicle accidents and all other emergency calls, require an immediate call response. The response and resolution times for normal operational faults range from 8 to 24, hours, depending on the severity and impact of the maintenance requests. How is feedback provided to the complainant? Feedback and follow up on queries are usually offered via telephonic communication. To ensure service delivery and customer satisfaction to public, call centre operators will do a call back to the complainant, or perform a departmental follow up, until requests has been successfully resolved. Client liaison is a day-to-day customer care activity and complainants are contacted only when contact numbers are available. However, all requests reported without contact numbers, will undergo internal follow-ups to ensure that services has been delivered. WHATSAPP Residents are encouraged to send a request to 065 211 7822 to be added onto our municipal WhatsApp database. This will enable residents to view regular municipal notices such as Eskom load shedding schedules, urgent notifications, especially for service interruptions in particular wards/towns (e.g., power outages, road closures, refuse removals, etc.).

Contact numbers for submitting a complaint, request or alert:

• Emergency Number - 0860 88 11 11

• Dedicated Fire Line - 023 615 8911

• Additional Cellphone Number - 061 005 6381

• Landline Numbers - 023 615 2219/ 1085/ 3740/1736

• Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

• WhatsApp - 065 211 7822