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03 July 2024


All STS prepaid electricity meter software in South Africa is being updated to prepare for a Token ID (TID) Rollover on 24 November 2024.

Langeberg Municipality launched an initiative in October 2023 in which appointed service provider, Syntell, made door-to-door visits to assist residents with the inspection and re-programming of prepaid electricity meters.

Syntell successfully configured 55% of prepaid meters to accept the new STS Edition 2 tokens, which will be generated from 24 November 2024.

What to do if my pre-paid meter box has not been updated?

The do-it-yourself phase of the project will begin on 01 July 2024. This process enables consumers to update their own meters as from the estimated dates below:

MONTAGU                       from 02 July 2024

McGregor                         from 08 July 2024

Zolani                               from 11 July 2024

Bonnievale                       from 15 July 2024

Robertson                        from 18-25 July 2024

Rural Farms                     from 31 July 2024

If this is not done, the prepaid meter will be unable to accept tokens, leaving the consumer without access to electricity from 24 November 2024.

How to update my pre-paid meter:

On the customer’s next purchase, they will receive 3 x 20-digit update tokens:

  • Two 20-digit update tokens and
  • one regular credit token.

All three tokens must be entered into the meter in the order that they appear.

Any purchase thereafter will contain only the usual 20-digit token.

Prepaid meter users should recharge any previously purchased vouchers before they enter the codes to update the meter.

Should you have any queries or need assistance, contact the Syntell Service desk at:

  • Phone: 0218121877
  • WhatsApp: 0727289229
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.