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03 July 2024


Our new R19 million Waste Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in Ashton is now operational as part of Langeberg Municipality's commitment to becoming a more sustainable and green municipality.

The MRF is located next to the Transfer station at Abattoir Weg in Ashton and serves the entire Langeberg Municipality as a public drop-off area where residents can bring all recyclable materials.

Langeberg Municipality also collects recyclables from households and businesses, which are then transported here to be sorted, baled, and distributed to companies for use as raw materials in the production of new products.

The sorted recyclables have a much higher value and are well accepted into the booming recycling market. The MRF has the potential to process 100 tons of recyclable material per month.

The project provides temporary job opportunities to our residents registered in the unemployment database. Currently, the MRF operations are run by 26 Temporary General Workers, one Temporary Supervisor, and one Forklift Operator with the potential to employ up to 30 people once fully operational.

“As a Municipality we have shifted our focus on minimising the waste that reaches our landfill sites by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste within our area,” says Mr Glen Slingers (Manager: Solid Waste Management)

“Waste Disposal Facilities across South Africa, including our own, is filling up and will reach capacity soon. While building new landfill sites is not sustainable or environmentally feasible, the new MRF, along with other waste minimisation initiatives, is a significant step in preserving our environment and maximising landfill airspace for future generations.”

To help make this project a success, we need all your recyclable materials. To get started, please collect a free clear plastic bag from your nearest municipal office. Fill your bag with all your paper, carton, plastic, tin and glass waste. Recyclable items should be rinsed before placing it in a clear bag.

You don’t have to put out recyclables every week. Only once your bag is full, place the clear bag outside on your pavement on top or next to the wheelie bin on Recycling Waste collection days.

Your next clear bag will then be left at your home in exchange for your full bag of recyclables.