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19 March 2024


Langeberg Municipality has implemented an efficient approval process for temporary road closures, showcasing a commitment to responsive governance. This streamlined approach ensures transparency, efficiency, and citizen satisfaction. Let's delve into the key steps of this process and explore how it adapts for events requiring road closures.

1. Comprehensive Application Submission

Citizens initiate the process by submitting completed application forms, including necessary documentation for the following road closures: Funerals, Matric Farewells, Cultural Events, Weddings, Birthdays and Family Reunions.

This step sets the foundation for understanding each request, ensuring subsequent stages focus on efficient processing.

2. Consultation with Ward Councillors

Applications then progress to the respective Ward Councillor for community engagement and comments. This phase establishes a crucial connection between the municipality and the local community.

3. Director's Approval Process

Memorandums and letters, including the application and Councillor's comments, are compiled and submitted to the Director of Engineering Services for final approval. This step emphasizes a thorough review of each application.

4. Keeping Applicant Informed

Upon approval, prompt notifications are sent to applicants, guiding them through the payment process. Transparent communication ensures citizens are well-informed about the progress of their requests, fostering trust in municipal procedures.

5. Coordinated Notifications to Relevant Departments

After payment confirmation, necessary approvals are disseminated to key departments, such as local SAPS and traffic departments. This ensures record-keeping and facilitates the prompt delivery of materials for road closure.

Adaptation for Event Road Closure Applications:

6. Involvement of Manager Local Economic Development

For events requiring road closures, the basic application is submitted. Upon receiving the road closure application, it is forwarded to Manager LED, Mrs. Cook, who requests the event organizer to complete an event application document.

7. Comments and Approval

The completed application is sent to Ms. S Jansen, Chief Clerk: Committees, for comments. If the event is approved, the approval letter specifies that the approval is subject to road closure approval. The process then seamlessly continues from point 2 above.

8. Liquor License Application

If a liquor license is required, the event application process is followed. The approval letter states that the road closure is conditionally approved, subject to the approval of the liquor license. The liquor license is provided as part of the application.

9. This adapted process ensures that events requiring road closures are seamlessly integrated into the established temporary road closure approval framework, further enhancing municipal services and responsiveness. We urge the public to note that all event applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the event.