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16 August 2023


Construction of a second entrance with a new circle into Nkqubela, Robertson on the R317 has commenced. From 17 August until 30 September 2023, road users will experience a detour on the R317 road (after the Robertson circle to Bonnievale). Traffic will be redirected to a temporary two-lane gravel road as indicated in the yellow line on the below image.

We request all road users to follow the detour signs and be patient during the construction period.

Construction of a new circle on the R317 road

Due to the high traffic volumes at the existing Voortrekker Road intersection it became necessary to provide a second entrance into Nkqubela. The new circle will provide safer access to and from Nkqubela with better traffic flow. The design of the circle is very similar to the current circle in Voortrekker street and the circle radius has been designed in such a way to easily accommodate heavy vehicles and peak traffic flow with minimal delay. The circle will also be illuminated during the evening to aid vehicles commuting around the circle safely. It is expected that the circle will be completed by the end of October 2023. We urge road users to follow the speed limits and drive safely.