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04 June 2024


A Yellow Level 4 Warning for Disruptive Rain, resulting in localized flooding of roads and susceptible settlements, is expected over the western parts of Cape Winelands today, 4 June 2024.

Residents are requested to help reduce risks to their properties by:
• Clearing out drainage systems.
• Raising the floor level of a structure so that it is higher than the natural ground level.
• Raising furniture on bricks to clear it from the floor to limit water damage.
• Making sandbags.
• Digging trenches around the house to divert water away from the house.
• Reporting blocked drains, intakes, and illegal dumping – illegal dumping in stormwater canals and sewers makes flooding worse.
• Waterproofing roofs, clearing gutters, and removing dead tree branches.

Residents can contact our 24/7 Call Centre in the following ways:
• Call: 0860 88 1111
• WhatsApp: 065 211 7822
• Collab Citizen App:
• E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.